COVID-19 and Vitamin D

COVID-19 and Vitamin D

September 9, 2020

Some interesting research has just been published about vitamin D and COVID-19.

Though it was a small scale randomised control trial the results are worth noting.

In short, taking vitamin D virtually eliminated the risk of ICU admission—and may completely eliminate the risk of death—from COVID-19.

Further research needs to be carried out to support these findings but the link between maintaining adequate vitamin D levels as we go into the autumn and winter should not be overlooked with regard to immunity.

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It’s also worth noting that if you do contact COVID-19 consider taking a high dose vitamin D for a short period. I recommend Better You, which you can order from The Natural Dispensary using my 10% discount code TFT010.

Please forward this email to anyone that you think would benefit from this information as it’s a simple, affordable, virtually risk-free strategy that everyone should be taking to protect themselves and their families.

Healthy regards

P.S. For a much more detailed look at the relationship between vitamin D and COVID-19 and instructions on supplementation, go to This is the home of the #StopCOVIDCold campaign, which is focused on raising awareness of the importance of vitamin D in protecting against (and treating) COVID-19.