Banish the Blood Sugar Blues

Banish the Blood Sugar Blues

March 22, 2021

If you’re clued into the healthy eating world then you are probably aware that keeping your blood sugar stable, rather than fluctuating in peaks and troughs, is a good thing. Your body uses the simple sugar, glucose, as a fuel but it needs a Goldilocks amount at any one time – neither too much nor too little.

The trouble is that reaching for sugary foods like cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks rockets your blood sugar – one can of coke contains around 8tsp sugar, yet there is only 1 tsp in your blood! How do you cope with this sugar attack? Luckily for you your body is super smart. You produce the hormone insulin which escorts the excess sugar away, either into your cells for energy, your liver & muscles to store as glycogen or…. to convert in your liver and store around your midriff. Yes, you heard right, insulin is a FAT STORAGE hormone.

For anyone looking to lose weight or optimise their energy, this is not a good idea! Now most of us know that sugary foods are not good for us, but there is another source of sugar in our food which is hidden. These are the sugars in starchy foods, like bread, pasta, rice and pizza. Basically, the modern foods that so many people live on. The groundbreaking work of Dr. David Unwin, a GP near Manchester, has helped to reveal this hidden danger, particularly for people who are overweight or have diabetes, but also those of us who want a long, happy, healthy and energetic life.

For instance, a portion of rice has the sugar equivalent of 10 tsp of sugar and could affect your blood sugar levels and insulin response as much or more than that can of coke!

Eating a low carb diet means basing your meals on protein, vegetables and healthy fats. On the menu you have a bounty of full fat dairy, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, beans & lentils served with salads or cooked vegetables of all types, with a go slow on some of the starchy veg like sweet potatoes depending on your own health & weight loss goals. Jenny Phillips (registered nutritional therapist and yoga teacher) works with clients to support these goals.

The results are stunning, not just in respect of weight loss (if that is required) but also in terms of increased energy, reduced bloating (very common) and generally feeling better.

If you prefer more info around balancing your blood sugar with fabulous recipes from the celebrity cookery writer Katie Caldesi, we have teamed up with Drs Jen & David Unwin to launch the 30 minute Diabetes cookbook, a super resource whether you have diabetes or would just like to prevent it.

If you are new to low carb or a fellow advocate looking for inspiration, please take a look.  Happy eating, your body will love you for it!


If you’re interested in working to balance your blood sugar please do not hesitate to contact The Food Teacher™ Clinic for a free telephone consultation. You can also book a personalised Nutritional Therapy Consultations. For a more detailed 21 day programme please contact Jenny Phillips at Inspired Nutrition.

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