Simple Pancake Swaps!

Simple Pancake Swaps!

February 16, 2015

Looking for healthy, tasty food that the whole family will enjoy is important. Using a traditional pancake recipe of white flour, salt and eggs or even a ready prepared mix alongside sugary fillings and toppings isn’t the most nutritious option. Finding healthier alternatives is always possible by just making a few simple swaps.


Traditionally the mix contains white flour, which converts to sugar very quickly in the body. This can affect behaviour, concentration and weight. There are many alternative options available including wholegrain flours, which are much slower at converting to sugar especially if eaten with a protein rich topping or filling. Other options include almond, buckwheat or coconut flour.


Many people fry their pancakes in sunflower or olive oil. However, these oils are susceptible to heat damage and can create free radicals that can be harmful. More stable oils such as coconut and also butter have higher smoke points and are therefore better suited to cooking pancakes.


Everyone loves to fill a pancake, whether they choose something savoury or sweet. If choosing sweet fillings consider low sugar and protein. Simple swaps, that children also love, include jam for nut butter, lemon curd for fresh fruit fillings such as berries or natural Greek yoghurt with ground seeds.


The topping always depends on the chosen filling. Healthier options include lemon juice, pomegranate seeds, berry compote, raw honey, maple syrup, a sprinkling of seeds or cinnamon.

There are many other options and alternatives available today. For all my recipes I avoid all the ‘nasties’ and look for healthier options.

2 recipes to try are an almond based mix and a gluten/dairy free recipe.

2 large eggs
100g almond paste
5g coconut sugar (optional)
Milk to thin (optional)

100g cornflour
100g buckwheat flour
50g xylitol
14fl.oz almond milk
5tbsp. water
2 large eggs/2 tbsp.flaxseed

Hope these ideas inspire and will help to increase the nutrient value in your family’s pancakes.
Please SHARE any you have.