Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance Test


Food intolerances can be related to a number of different symptoms including bloating, IBS, migraines, joint pain, brain fogginess, weight management challenges, depression, anxiety, ADHD, skin problems and general sluggishness. Although not life-threatening, the uncomfortable symptoms can have a major impact on a person’s quality of life.

This package includes a home Food Intolerance Test Kit and a follow up 15-minute Mini Consultation with a Food Teacher™ Registered Nutritional Therapist to discuss results and next steps.


Food Intolerance Test

The test uses state of the art technology to detect food-specific IgG antibodies in a blood sample. One of the key benefits of this test is that once you have received the test kit through the post you simply collect a blood sample from a finger-prick into a blood collection tube and post it off for analysis.

The blood sample is tested for 134 Foods and Drinks, divided into: Grains & Staples, Dairy & Eggs, Protein Supplements, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices & Oils.

The report, which you will receive electronically following your telephone consultation organises the results by food group and level of reactivity on a 5 point scale.

Please note this test does not diagnose coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, a food allergy (IgE reaction) or any other medical condition. If you have any pre-existing reactions to foods or drinks, then you should continue to avoid these.


15 Minute Phone Consultation

This telephone chat will be an opportunity to discuss and review your test results and advice on recommended time to reduce/eliminate foods and how to replace.

For a more detailed consultation package it is recommended you book a 2 Consultation Package or Food Intolerance Profile.

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