Cook to Balance Blood Sugar

Cook to Balance Blood Sugar


This 2 ½ hour personalised cookery session in your home focuses on learning to cook meals which help to keep blood sugar levels more balanced. This approach is hugely beneficial for balancing hormones, which can affect mood, energy levels, cravings and weight management. You will create breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and information about beneficial foods and how to create meals is provided throughout the session, which will be delivered by a member of The Food Teacher Clinic.

To confirm your booking and agree a suitable date contact The Food Teacher Clinic to discuss your needs, favourite foods, hard to give up foods and foods you dislike. You will then receive a shopping list via email so you can purchase all ingredients before your session.

This session works well alongside a Cupboard Detox or a Personalised Food and Lifestyle review.

Cook to Balance Blood Sugar is offered at various locations across the UK. Please contact The Food Teacher Clinic for further details.

Please note: Please ensure you enter a valid email address at check out.

Please email with any queries.


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