Personalised Food & Lifestyle Review

Personalised Food & Lifestyle Review


The Food Teachers Personalised Food & Lifestyle Review can provide guidance that will support you to make changes, which may positively affect your health.

Following completion of a 3 day diet and lifestyle form, within 5 working days you will receive (via email) a detailed review document including analysis of nutrient ranges and a rainbow rating. Key food and lifestyle recommendations will be provided alongside foods to focus on and avoid. You will also receive a bonus recipe specifically for you.

If you have been considering a consultation at The Food Teacher Clinic a Personalised Food & Lifestyle Review can provide an ideal stepping stone and if you decide to sign up for a consultation within 14 days you will receive a full refund of this review.

Please note: Once your purchase is processed you will receive the 3 day diet and lifestyle form via email for completion. Please ensure you enter a valid email address at check out.

Please email with any queries.



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