Child Food Intolerance Profile

Child Food Intolerance Profile


A child’s nutritional profile enables you to focus on your child’s health goal utilising the results of a functional test to develop a more personalised approach to address needs. This profile is suitable for children aged 2-18.

Potential signs and symptoms that might suggest this profile is suitable for your child include diarrhoea, bloating, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraine, depression, anxiety, ADHD, skin problems and/or weight management challenges.

This profile package includes a pre-test telephone consultation (15 minutes), a test to identify potential food intolerances and 2 consultations (1 hour initial and 45 minute follow up) with a Food Teacher Registered Nutritional Therapist face-to-face, via Skype/Facetime or over the phone.

Pre-test Telephone Consultation

The 15-minute telephone consultation is an opportunity to check that you have selected the best profile for your child’s signs and symptoms and discuss the health goal. The test procedure is explained and a provisional date for the initial consultation is agreed. The test will then be delivered, completed at home and then sent to the laboratory. You will also receive a detailed child questionnaire from The Food Teacher to be completed and returned via email prior to your consultation date.

Food Intolerance Test

The test uses a new, state of the art technology to detect food-specific IgG antibodies in a blood sample. One of the key benefits of this test is that once you have received the test kit through the post you simply collect a blood sample from a finger-prick into a blood collection tube and post it off for analysis.

The test uses 75 different food extracts, from all food groups and includes foods such as corn, gliadin (gluten), oat, rice, cow’s milk, beef, chicken, salmon, tuna, carrots, mushrooms, egg yolk, egg white, berries, nut mix and herbs and spices.

The report produced organises the results by food group and also level of reactivity utilising a classification system of Avoid, Borderline or No Reaction column, which is invaluable when developing your child’s programme.

Initial Consultation

1-hour consultation to discuss and review test results, questionnaire, medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. Agree priorities and develop a bespoke programme including food and lifestyle to address your child’s health goal.

Follow-up Consultation

After an implementation time of 4-6 weeks a 45-minute follow-up consultation takes place to review health and progress. A revised programme is developed to support on-going change.

Please note this test does not provide information about coeliac disease, enzyme deficiencies such as lactose intolerance, IgE-mediated allergies, histamine sensitivity or other chemical sensitivities such as reactions to sulphites, tannins or tyramine.

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