Moringa...the latest 'superfood'

Moringa…the latest ‘superfood’

June 26, 2015


‘Superfoods’ are best described as nutritionally dense foods that may offer significant benefits as we strive towards optimal health and vitality. They are often described as natures gift and as they are real foods in their natural form the body can recognise them and utilise them to our advantage. As they are typically nutrient rich they can work in our bodies on a cellular level, therefore supporting the theory we are what we eat quite literally.


Moringa is the latest green ‘superfood’ on the block and as a native plant of Africa and Asia it has been used throughout history as both food and medicine. The leaves are high in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A and D, essential amino acids and antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and flavonoids. For this very reason it’s benefits are thought to be far-reaching including immune support, blood sugar balancing and anti-inflammatory, all associated with its nickname ‘The Miracle Tree’.


Analysis shows it is more nutrient dense than other ‘greens’ such as wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina, which may be linked to its resistance to drought.


Generally 4-5 grams a day is recommended for an adult but some people may choose to start with half that amount and gradually build up. It has a pleasant, clean spinachy taste.


My suggestions for including it in your diet include:

  • * Sprinkling into a smoothie or adding to a juice
  • * Adding to natural yoghurt or homemade ice cream
  • * Mixing into homemade muesli/porridge
  • * Adding to flapjacks, cakes or raw energy bars
  • * Stir into soups/sauces


A brand I am familiar with is Aduna who sell the leaf powder in sachets or loose.aduna


This could be a great superfood to include in your diet and with so many of its benefits still being researched. Watch out as it’s likely to become very popular soon.