End of Term Energy Blues!

End of Term Energy Blues!

July 17, 2014

Is anyone else experiencing or has experienced the end of term energy blues in their house?

The bedtime routine seems to be more drawn out than ever, the summer humidity and light evenings are not conducive to a good night’s sleep, the morning lie ins are cutting it fine to get to school on time and the after school exhaustion is so apparent by 4pm.

6 top tips to help you and your child survive the last week of term:

  1. Reduce Sugar: eating high sugar and carbohydrate heavy foods such as cakes, biscuits, white bread, pasta will perpetuate energy highs and lows which will ultimately affect your child’s behavior, concentration and energy levels. Swap to fruit such as berries, which are in season right now and low in sugar, nuts, nut butters on rice cakes and wholemeal products which are higher in fibre and slow down the release of sugar.
  1. Eat Early: Children that are tired will benefit from eating their evening meal around 4.30-5pm. Our metabolism begins to slow down later in the day and the earlier a child eats will enable them to burn off some energy after dinner and then begin to slow down before bed.
  1. Eat a Rainbow: Encourage your child to choose a rainbow of foods each mealtime boosting their consumption of phytonutrients (plant chemicals), which have many benefits for the body but may specifically boost their immune system during this busy time.
  1. Get some Sunshine: After school plan some outside time even if only playing a board game, having a picnic or going for a walk. This will support the body to generate vitamin D, essential for immune health and strong bones.
  1. Quiet time: Some down time in the evening is also important whilst they are feeling over tired. Reading a story or doing something creative like drawing or cooking can be ideal. You usually find you have a much calmer child to put to bed than after TV time.
  1. Sleep: Stick to your bedtime routine but if possible try to move things forward slightly. I have noted over tiredness if I leave bedtime too late and if too early it’s difficult for children to drop off. If you include a bath before bed you could add a cup of Epsom salts, which is high in magnesium and will help the child’s muscles to relax for bedtime. Try and keep the bedroom cool to help them maintain a stable temperature throughout the night.

Here’s hoping these tips get you to the end of term without too much pain! It’s not always easy being a Mum especially when children are exhausted. Some pyjama mornings and more relaxed days are on the horizon, so recharging is not too far away, just make sure you don’t get warn out in the holidays!