Cooking Healthily at College/University (Online)

Cooking Healthily at College/University (Online)


Cooking Healthily at University is a 2 hour Online Course to educate and inspire students to prepare nourishing meals. 

The aim of the course is to develop cooking confidence, chef skills and nutritional understanding whilst also being mindful of budget.

This course, which you can complete in your own time, will be delivered via a welcome/introductory presentation, an online learning presentation (Principles of Healthy Eating), 4 food demonstrations (recipes from breakfast to dinner), and a good luck presentation. There are also additional handouts including a shopping list, equipment list, nutrient checklist, healthy eating plate and further recipe suggestions.


The outcomes of attending the course focus on:

    • * Greater understanding of independently planning healthy, well-balanced meals
    • * Greater understanding of the principles of healthy eating (living) and how to incorporate these into daily meals
    • * Greater competence creating tasty, nutritious meals


You also receive a Course Booklet, which includes:

  • * Welcome and Introduction
  • * Course Outline and Links
  • * Principles of Healthy Eating (Living)
  • * Kitchen Cupboard Staples
  • * Equipment List
  • * Recipe Ideas
  • * Additional Support


At the end of the course you can also complete an evaluation and return to to share your experience and comments.

For any queries please email

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