40 Facts and Top Tips for Family Health (Download)

40 Facts and Top Tips for Family Health (Download)


‘40 Facts and Top Tips for Family Health’ (Download Version) to promote optimal family health. They explain some fundamental ways to plan food for children and focus on how to establish greater balance, incorporate more essential nutrients, plan for greater variety in the family diet and ways to avoid anti-nutrients. The benefits of each tip are explained alongside strategies to implement. They have been written to educate, inspire and positively impact on your family’s health over time.

These facts and tips are brought to you by Katharine Tate, The Food Teacher, who has worked as a teacher and education consultant internationally in primary and secondary schools for over 20 years. As an award winning registered nutritional therapist and author, Katharine combines her unique eduction and nutrition expertise to offer schools, organisations and families advice, education programmes, practical workshops and individual/family clinical consultations.

This can be purchased with Weight, Immunity and Stress.

Other Mini-books in the series include: Fertility, Stress, Sports Nutrition, Hormone Balance, Weight, Brain Health, Ageing, Digestive Health, Immunity, Teens and Students.

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